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Pim Zond

I'm Pim Zond, experimental noise guitarist, media motion-maker and Canadian avant-garde surrealist. Welcome to the World of Pim!

Ambitiously experimental, avant-garde guitarist Pim Zond combines elements of dark ambient guitar and noise music with space music soundtracks.

Pim Zond's Background

Pim Zond's Experience

Experimental Guitarist & Soundtrack Designer at

| Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Pim Zond's Education

College of Existential Despair

1998 – 2011


Concentration: Lack of Focus, blurred even.

Activities: Water Slicer Operator

Pim Zond's Interests & Activities

Electronic and experimental music history, and experimentation with found art musical instrumentation construction and debasement. Enjoying deceptively non-musical audio. Creativity everyday.

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